We build on SAP tools and technologies. We fulfill the needs of our business partners by creating our own products and packages, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of their business processes.

SAP S/4HANA for manufacturing

SAP designed the S/4HANA system and earlier SAP R/3 as the digital core for complete processes in manufacturing companies. In this sense, production planning is the process of matching requirements with production capacity, which results in a production schedule and a plan for the purchase of basic production needs.

SAP Manufacturing Suite

A group of products with the help of which multiple parts of the production process (such as resources, personnel, machines and others) can be monitored in parallel in real time and fed back to the SAP ERP system and other components using signals. The goal is the digitization of production processes and their integration with ERP. It completely uses the methodology built on Industry 4.0. Both on-prem and cloud versions are available. The SAP Manufacturing Suite includes the following products: SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo)

SAP Solution Manager

As one of the few, we directly specialize in the set of tools in the SAP Solution Manager solution. You may also be paying maintenance fees associated with SAP licenses, and at the same time you do not know that you own the rights to use this product. Or you only use its limited functionality. In addition, Solution Manager provides specific services as part of the transition to S/4HANA, which help to make the necessary decisions during the transition, or facilitate its smoother progress. This product covers practically everything - from purely technical matters, such as monitoring activity and system health, to testing, IT quality and change management, to evaluating business process performance indicators. It contains an environment for documentation, either from the beginning of the implementation or from the operation itself.
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Smart User Licence Cockpit (SULC)

SULC is a comprehensive tool that enables monitoring and evaluation of user activity in relation to assigned SAP licenses. It was created based on our experience in selling and auditing all types of licenses provided by SAP. It measures the activity of users and processes across monitored systems on a daily basis. It then evaluates this data and thus enables system administrators to identify possible inconsistencies. This helps with more efficient allocation of user licenses, thereby reducing operational costs. It also helps to prevent complications and unplanned purchase of licenses, the need for which could arise from audits carried out by SAP. 

Mass Job Operation

MJO offers administrators and users of SAP R/3 and SAP S/4HANA systems central mass management of background jobs, enables mass editing of jobs and planning of their pre-created sets. Another option is mass suspension of periodic jobs before the system shutdown and their rescheduling in an optional time interval so that the jobs smoothly follow the original periodicity after the shutdown. The advantage of the tool, in addition to centralization and a detailed overview of jobs, is also the possibility to simply return the changes made. The solution is built on SAP Solution Manager.


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from SAP provides processes, tools, best practices and services for managing both SAP and non-SAP solutions. You can benefit from an out-of-the-box cloud-native solution designed as a central entry point for managing your SAP environment with content-driven implementation and highly automated operations. SAP Cloud ALM helps a business proactively manage, monitor, operate and optimize SAP Cloud solutions. SAP Cloud ALM is part of a cloud subscription that includes Enterprise Support, cloud edition and SAP Enterprise Support.
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SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio is a cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) solution that helps companies model, analyze, optimize and implement changes to their business processes. If your organization is looking for a reliable tool that would help you quickly and on a large scale to make your business processes more efficient, SAP Signavio could be the solution. It provides a platform for teams to collaborate on process design and improvement, and includes features for process mining, modeling, analysis, improvement, and process monitoring.
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As a testing platform, Tricentis includes everything you need to support the entire testing lifecycle across your enterprise applications. It covers everything from applications such as SAP and non-SAP to native and cloud applications. It even integrates with open source and DevOps tools, so you can centrally manage testing activities and engage continuous testing automation. The tool is suitable for End to End testing of your applications.
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Co je LeanIX EAM LeanIX EAM je softwarová aplikace určená pro správu podnikové architektury. Enterprise Architecture Management zahrnuje sladění IT infrastruktury a systémů organizace s její obchodní strategií a cíli. Zahrnuje porozumění a dokumentaci IT prostředí organizace, plánování a navrhování nové IT architektury na podporu neustále se vyvíjející obchodní strategie a dohled nad implementací takových architektonických změn. LeanIX EAM pomáhá provádět tyto procesy efektivně tím, že poskytuje platformu pro správu a optimalizaci podnikové architektury.
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