Scope of services

Many users consider SAP Solution only to be a necessary tool to downloading patches (Maintenance Optimizer). However, they do not realize, that it offers a very robust product solution for complex management of all IT processes and more. This product is also free of charge for SAP customers with at least standard support level. Its cost is included within maintenance fees.

Our endeavor is to spread this knowledge among the customers of SAP, mainly via regular specialized workshops, and to show them, how to achieve significant savings in the area of IT management by utilizing this product and suitable activity reorganization. We keep our regular customers properly informed about related news and introduce them to new functionality that increases the efficiency of both IT and business.

An integral part of our offer is the BC administration of SAP systems within the Linux, AIR and Windows environment. We offer the experience of qualified BC administrators, managing the SAP environment from the installation and optimization to regular operation activities.

Why us?

We have been a part of the SAP world since its beginning. We know the environment very well and we are directly connected to key SAP specialists in some areas.
Many traditional businesses that have been working with us for over 10 years value the expertise of our senior consultants and developers.
We always test new technologies and we maintain a demo environment for our customers to verify new functionality without the need for new hardware investments.


IT process optimization

  • Analysis of current processes
  • ITIL-compliant design for improvement of your organization
  • Concept of methods and procedures
  • Strategy for the deployment of support tools


Development Center

  • C#
  • PHP, Javascript


BC Administration

  • Infrastructure preparation, installation, upgrade
  • Linux/Unix (AIX, HPUX, Linux) administration


SAP Solution Manager

  • Installation/upgrade, connection to other systems.
  • Implementation of individual scenarios.
  • Process and performance optimization.

Details can be found onĀ


SAP maintenance services

  • Operative maintenance of SAP systems
  • Regular checks of system settings, monitoring and reporting
  • Suggestions for optimization and operation cost mitigation

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