Efficient company IT solution

The team of SGEN it, s.r.o. consist of SAP consultants with technical and application specialization and long-time experience. We mostly supply services within SAP Solution Manager, its administration and small and extensive data centre optimization. Our speciality is great knowledge of SAP Solution Manager, which is part of the SAP support solution and is available for free. Many of our consultants gained SAP certificates in the areas of SAP BC and tools of SAP Solution Manager. They also share the experience further as the official tutor in SAP ČR. We regularly take part in seminars abroad and SAP community presentations. We are also connected to the Walldorf experts and other SAP centres.

We operate on the European market

SGEN, it is a small flexible company, which operates mostly on the Czech market. Most of our consultants have also worked on projects abroad. We are able to fulfil individual needs, we work remotely or at our customers. Part of our offer is the design of IT management strategy, design and optimization of IT organising, creating methodics and processes, selecting appropriate tools and their implementation.

Long-time knowledge of SAP operation

Our consultants collected their experience thanks to many projects. Many of them worked on the management positions in IT for a long time and orient themselves very well on a business level and IT areas. We therefore connect the “business” with operations and we give the projects the right direction. We have worked with SAP systems for over 15 years and have a high-quality internal knowledge base. Our consultants work in small teams and due to the information exchange, they are interchangeable. We keep in touch with most of our customers even after ending the individual projects as we try to tweak the processes and methodics together in order to guarantee the implemented solution to be fully used and reach the maximum effect.

We have over 10 years of experience with SAP systems. We know the business solutions very well and we always find the optimal way to fulfil your goals.